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My wife and I were extremely nervous about purchasing a home here in El Paso while living out of state. Mr. Peña and his team at Peña El Paso were super helpful and saved us from a lot of stress. From making us walkthrough videos of addresses we would send him to even being available as we called for questions about the city once we had moved in. Mr. Peña even called a few months after we had moved in to ensure we were settling in to our new home and new city. Thanks, John and team for all your helpful YouTube videos and hard work throughout our moving process.
Ariel R.
John was super helpful in finding me and my family our very first home! Not only did he coach us on the entire home buying process, but did so while we were stationed overseas in Korea with a 14hr time difference. I’d definitely recommend Peña when looking for a home. He goes above and beyond.
Peter S.
The review is a little late as we closed on our home back in August. However, I cannot say enough good things about John Peña. We are a military family who reached out to John almost 6 months before we actually moved from VA. He stuck with us throughout the whole process, made time to show us around El Paso, answered all of our questions, took videos, and even FaceTimed with us during home walkthroughs we couldn’t be available for. Also, his Youtube videos are so helpful in preparing for a move to El Paso. I still watch them in order to know the area better. We have been here for almost 7 months now. We love our home and our neighborhood and John was a big part of making that happen. When it’s time to sell, I will be calling Peña El Paso without hesitation. John’s the man! Call him. You won’t be sorry!
Richard R.
We recently purchased a home in El Paso and worked with John Pena. We cannot recommend him enough! We found John online while researching the possibility of moving to El Paso from Virginia (watched all his YouTube videos!!). We contacted John over the phone and the rest is history! He viewed houses for us and sent us excellent videos of the viewings. Eventually, we chose our dream home! John was not only our agent but also our eyes and ears on the ground, he helped us throughout the process and we couldn't be happier. Taking such a decision without ever setting foot in El Paso or in our house was made doable with John's help. We highly recommend John Pena and his team to anyone considering moving to El Paso.
Kristina Z.
John Peña is a Realtor who cares about his clients and ensures that his client's needs are met. He’s so friendly, knowledgeable, and can do it all. If you're moving to El Paso, reach out to John!
Chase J.
I purchased my home with John Pena as my agent. I highly recommend his company. John is a go-getter who quickly accesses houses to show and view, and answers calls and messages in a timely manner. John is very knowledgeable in the business and set me up with a great mortgage agent. I live in California and John is still assisting me with the property after its purchase ??
Timothy T.
When my wife and I decided to move to El Paso from out-of-state last spring the first thing we did was look at YouTube videos featuring El Paso real estate. We were delighted to find a wealth of information about El Paso real estate as well as incredibly well-done videos telling about almost everything you would want to know about a community. After watching a dozen or more of John Pena's videos we knew he would be our best resource in finding our new home. We contacted John, told him what we were looking for, and he began sending us listings matching our description. When we found a home we were excited about, John went and took a look for us. He told us all that we couldn't see from the pictures and saved us from making a huge mistake. We then scheduled a trip to El Paso. We were only going to have five days to find and purchase a new home and John was more-than-ready when we arrived. Although it took us to the last day, John helped us find exactly what we were desiring at a price we could afford. John's help was invaluable throughout the whole process. We highly recommend Peña El Paso Realty Group!
Keith D.
John Peña is a fantastic realtor and person. We built a new home in El Paso from over 500 miles away, and we relied on John every step of the way. He tirelessly took videos of our construction site and showed its progress from start to finish. Those frequent videos kept us excited about our move and made sure the builder stayed on their toes! We caught some mistakes in the build early enough to correct them, and the builder made an extra effort to finish on time partly because John developed a great relationship with them. John was a steady hand through the emotional roller coaster of building a new home and was always there to offer great advice. He was available by phone or text around the clock and was ready and willing to do anything we asked. Some people might think they don’t need a realtor if they’re building a new home. Think again! You can’t imagine how many unexpected things come up and it’s so reassuring to know that you have an advocate like John on your side. If you’re building in El Paso - in town or from afar - you couldn’t do better than John Peña!
When I started looking for homes I was skeptical because I was not in El Paso and unable to view homes in person. John did a great job looking at both the good and the bad though. He helped me find a home I love and has been accommodating upon my arrival in town as well. John has been very helpful and has exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Peña El Paso Realty Group.
Robin C.
I first saw John Pena on YouTube while my wife and I were considering moving back to El Paso. My wife and I had moved to California 30 years ago and decided to move back. I reached out to John and he responded in a timely fashion, and we dialogued for several months before I made the trip to El Paso to find a temporary rental. As the market is extremely tight, I do not believe I would have been able to secure a property without his help. You will not go wrong working with John, and I would highly recommend his services. I am looking forward to a continued relationship with him, as we will be looking for a property to purchase after we get settled back in Texas. Excellent service by John! After almost a year of looking, we finally found a house that we were willing to buy. John was instrumental in helping us during that time. I would gladly recommend his services to anyone who is in the market for real estate. John is dependable and responsive, especially when things are not going well. It is not often these days when you can find someone who is actually a professional in his profession!
Loren L.
I worked with John Pena for 4 months searching for a home to purchase and I would recommend him to anyone. He has a good knowledge of the value of homes here in El Paso, and always answered any questions I had very quickly.
Eric L.
We really enjoyed working with John. He was very responsive to our requests, especially since we were house-hunting from another state. His honesty, thorough walk-through videos, and real estate expertise helped us get the house we wanted! We are completely satisfied with our experience and highly recommend Peña El Paso.
Lauren L.
My wife and I sold our home and worked with John to purchase our new home. Buying a home remotely is very difficult and John was absolutely amazing through this process. There were so many stops on this journey and John was at every one of them to guide us through whatever we needed to do and get us to the next stop. In the early stages of this process, he shot so many videos of different houses, offering us valuable opinions, to help us find the right ones. He helped us through every stage of the offer process (including talking us down from the metaphorical ledge when our offers kept getting rejected). Once we had an accepted offer, John transitioned to our "boots on the ground" as he was our liaison with inspectors, the title company, and everyone else. After closing, he even arranged to have someone meet us at our home with the keys at 5:00 on a Sunday afternoon. Since we've moved into this house he has offered any additional assistance we need. We made a fantastic choice with Pena El Paso and I would be happy to scream that from the top of the Franklin Mountains. Wish I could give more than 5 stars.
John C.
From several months before my move to El Paso to finding a home that is a great fit for me, John was (what my Dad would have called) a “prince” of a guy. An astute, generous, and responsive professional, John carried me through a tough market (for buyers) with realism and positivity. John is an expert realtor and a terrific human being. I feel so lucky to have met John & his wife Leah. I hope they will not mind me saying that I consider them my first friends in El Paso.
Robert S.
We enjoyed working with Pena El Paso. John was professional and spent the time necessary to help us in our home search. We would gladly work with him again and highly recommend others do the same.
Jonathan K.
Great experience, went above and beyond working on my purchase, highly recommend !!
Richard B.
I just purchased a home in El Paso and John helped so much from the start to the finish. He was very professional and responsive to every question and step in purchasing a home. I highly recommend John as a realtor and I would work with him if needed to be in the future.
Hong H.
John & Peña El Paso Realty Group went above and beyond during my home buying process. Very responsive and professional. Made sure I understood everything that was going on. We did run into some issues during the closing on the lender's side but John made sure to keep me and the seller updated with what was going on. We got the deal closed! Will be using them again for my next home purchase.
Jose M.
John was warm, wonderful, and totally informative. He picked us up and gave us a tour of each area we wanted to see. He also gave us information about each area's schools, jobs and all other questions we had. John was the best! If you're looking to relocate. Please contact him for all the experience and information you will need. It was the best experience meeting him and getting to all about El Paso. Margie Dell and daughter Mary Williams. Thank you, John. We wish you the best.
Mary W.
Absolutely amazing! Made my first home buying experience super easy and stress-free. Very responsive, answered all questions, and willing to help every step of the way. Definitely would recommend to anyone with real estate needs. Would use them again!
Jessica J.
We can’t thank John enough for all the hard work, dedication, honesty, and time he spent. We were more than satisfied with the service John provided us as our agent. He always reached out and kept us updated. We were out-of-state buyers and he made buying a home less stressful. We will definitely recommend John to friends and family.
Jenny A.
John is very responsive and open to welcoming all types of buyers whether you have a low or high budget. He is heavily informative, transparent, honest, and will go the extra mile to provide you with accurate details. We love watching his videos on YouTube as they're a great value source if you're looking for real facts. You'll have to provide as many details as possible about yourself and/or your family so that he can try to best align suggestions based on his expertise. We had fun meeting John and we're hoping that we decide to relocate to El Paso!
Luis D.
Peña El Paso Realty Group provided a fantastic experience! They are kind, prompt, professional, and go above and beyond to help you find your dream home. I highly recommend working with them!!
Liz P.
John is very skilled in the profession. Super responsive and knows El Paso real estate very well. He helped us every step of the way. I would recommend him to anyone.
Adam C.
Our home buying experience with John was simply delightful. Even though we were transacting from over 1000 miles away, we felt like we were looking at homes right next door. John filled the role of advocate, confidant, tour guide, and advisor. He completely understood our considerations and hesitations and was supportive of every decision we made. As distance buyers, we relied on John to scope out potential properties. John's acumen with video editing and technology allowed us to virtually visit several properties to decide if they were worth visiting in person. As a result of John's tireless work on our behalf, we found the perfect property and made a good friend in the process. For any future buying or selling, we will definitely look no further than Peña El Paso Realty Group.
Gil T.
Always reliable, always professional. We felt truly taken care of as his client. John was not only knowledgeable but also kind. Would recommend his services to anyone seeking to purchase a new home in the area.
Alex D.